Frac Spread Count 2.0 – June 2016


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by Jake Stevens

Have you prepared for the inevitable?

While a lot of focus is on permits and even the rig count over the last 30 or 40 years, we’ve been distributing a new metric that propelled Primary Vision into the mainstream in the summer of 2015, one we believe is the most important metric of frac activity.  We call it the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count (I might refer to it as the PVFSC or the FSC for the rest of this blog).

A quick summary of what the PVFSC is.  Simply put its a metric for the highest daily value of active frac spreads for a given week.

Ok great, but what exactly is a frac spread.  Well, lets start telling you what it isn’t.  It has nothing directly to do with natural gas prices (the crack spread), natural gas refiners (the fractionation spread) or the value gained from the sale of any natural gas liquid.

Primary Vision knows the who (pressure pumper), where, when, how many, and in most cases what the service providers are pumping, but it doesn’t stop there. We also know for what operators they are pumping for.

To summarize for every frac spread we know the following:

1) Days Active
2) Location
3) Pressure Pumper
4) Operator
5) Volumes of water, proppant, chemicals pumped

This allows us to know the number of active fleets on a given day and allows for the creation of the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count.

We give away for free, updated every week ,the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count National number.  This you can find here. Its updated by 10am every Friday.  Sign up for the free national report and you’ll get an email sent out weekly that includes the historical frac spread data plus the frac spread data for the previous week.  Use the chart and the data as you wish, all we’re asking is that you source us when using the data/image in a commercial capacity.

Its free, and yes you can get started today.

In a few days we’ll highlight what you get with the paid subscription for the Primary Vision Granular Frac Spread Count or you can reach out to us at to learn more.


The Primary Vision US Proppant Mass Index

Back in February we launched our US Proppant Mass Index, if you didn’t see it you should check it out here. In brief, the index measures the average proppant mass used in a frac treatment across all US wells. When we published this last, we gave you information up to and including Quarter Four / 2014.

2011 – Q1 100
2011 – Q2 99
2011 – Q3 100
2011 – Q4 98
2012 – Q1 91
2012 – Q2 89
2012 – Q3 93
2012 – Q4 102
2013 – Q1 103
2013 – Q2 106
2013 – Q3 108
2013 – Q4 117
2014 – Q1 131
2014 – Q2 145
2014 – Q3 158
2014 – Q4 172
2015 – Q1 194
2015 – Q2 209
2015 – Q3 219

As we pointed out back in February, we were seeing an increase and its continued to increased quarter over quarter since.



We can provide a similar index based on our user’s requirements. Example Analysis: horizontal wells only, vertical wells only, directional wells only, by operator, by service company, by region or a combination of them all.

Please contact us for more information about these indexes, or if you have any questions about our capabilities, services, or products.

Introducing the Primary Vision US Frac Water Volume Index

We are launching the Primary Vision Frac Water Index today to show on how the average amount of water used in a frac job has changed over time.

Quarter Index
2011-Q1 100.0
2011-Q2 99.7
2011-Q3 103.0
2011-Q4 95.6
2012-Q1 90.3
2012-Q2 92.6
2012-Q3 87.3
2012-Q4 94.9
2013-Q1 101.3
2013-Q2 100.1
2013-Q3 107.1
2013-Q4 116.6
2014-Q1 137.1
2014-Q2 145.8
2014-Q3 150.4

US Frac Water Volume Index

Frac Water Trends in the United States

Going forward this index will be published once per quarter. Available to our subscribers are more detailed indexes broken down by trajectory, region, pressure pumper, and operator. If you are interested in these more detailed indexes please email us.

Please contact us for more information about these indexes, or if you have any questions about our capabilities, services, or products.


Introduction to the Primary Vision Blog


We have launched this blog in an effort to keep our customers and others interested in Primary Vision up-to-date with our products and services and share insights on market trends. Here you will be able to read about developments in our products, new product announcements, and some analytic initiatives in the works.

As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.