Primary Vision Insights – February 23rd 2022

Next week we will do a broad update on inflation globally as the leading indicators remain elevated especially as energy/food prices remain at the highs… more to come!

Primary Vision Insights – February 16th 2022

Fears around Russia are mounting with news flashes that countries are warning their citizens to leave Ukraine and a view that a Russian invasion happens next week.

Primary Vision Insights – February 9th 2022

Crude surged again today with focus remaining on Cushing as the spread between WTI-Brent collapsed. I go into more detail later, but the quick summary is- European buyers have stopped purchasing Urals driving down diffs to -$3. This is allowing more U.S. crude to move into the European markets even as the spread limits/stops exports into Asia.

Primary Vision Insights – February 2nd 2022

By Mark Rossano

Primary Vision Insights – January 26th 2022

By Mark Rossano

Primary Vision Insights – January 12th 2022

By Mark Rossano

What comes on the other side of COVID19?

By Mark Rossano (Originally published Mar 19th, 2021) As the world starts to awaken from the COVID19 pandemic, we are quickly going to see the problems that existed prior to 2020 come roaring back with a vengeance. Historically, social unrest…

Inflation and Interest Rates

As we officially entered 2022, the debate around inflation has only become more intense. The BoE took lead and increased interest rates just before the year end. Investors, observers and policy-makers are already expecting 3 – 4 increases by Federal…

Primary Vision Insights – December 29th 2021

By Mark Rossano

2022: New Year, Same Challenges

By Osama Rizvi – Energy and Economic Analyst It has been yet another unprecedented year for not only global commodity and financial markets, geopolitics, international relations but also for us as individuals, family members and friends. Uncertainty, I believe, should…