Primary Vision Insights – January 26th 2022

By Mark Rossano

Primary Vision Insights – January 12th 2022

By Mark Rossano

What comes on the other side of COVID19?

By Mark Rossano (Originally published Mar 19th, 2021) As the world starts to awaken from the COVID19 pandemic, we are quickly going to see the problems that existed prior to 2020 come roaring back with a vengeance. Historically, social unrest…

Inflation and Interest Rates

As we officially entered 2022, the debate around inflation has only become more intense. The BoE took lead and increased interest rates just before the year end. Investors, observers and policy-makers are already expecting 3 – 4 increases by Federal…

Primary Vision Insights – December 29th 2021

By Mark Rossano

2022: New Year, Same Challenges

By Osama Rizvi – Energy and Economic Analyst It has been yet another unprecedented year for not only global commodity and financial markets, geopolitics, international relations but also for us as individuals, family members and friends. Uncertainty, I believe, should…

Primary Vision Insights – December 22nd 2021

By Mark Rossano

How big of a threat is Iran?

By Mark Rossano (Originally published Mar 12th, 2021) In mid-February, President Biden stated that the U.S. would be willing to return to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) if Iran resumes compliance under the agreement. Iran struck back by…


This week’s FSC came out at 256, a drop of 11 spreads from 267 last week. Click the link below for the whole show.

ECON: Global Growth Slows, Retail sales, China Data and What Will Fed Do Next?

This week was very important as Fed officials met to talk about what should the markets expect next year. Global growth is slowing as well and Europe & Emerging Markets are under pressure. Meanwhile, Retail Sales missed estimates and Chinese…