Primary Vision Insights – October 20th, 2021

By Mark Rossano

ECON Show: Global Economy Growth Estimates, U.S. Inflation Accelerates, and China's Economic Pressure

 By: Osama Rizvi This week in our ECON show we talk about the growth estimates regarding the global economy, rising inflation in the U.S. and wages, finally some thoughts on European growth and Chinese economy. Segment 1: Global Economy Growth…


By: Osama Rizvi This week’s EIA cover recent oil builds as refinery run rates drop, diesel demand as it strengthens, and more OSP cuts and slow physical sales. Segment 1: Oil Builds as Refinery Run Rates Drop Segment 2: Diesel…

NexTier Oilfield Solutions: A Change In Frac Fleet Dynamics Will Retain Growth

NEX will increase the deployment of Tier 4 dual-fuel frac fleets to reduce carbon emission.

Primary Vision Insights – October 13th, 2021

By Mark Rossano

This week the FSC number came at 263, an increase of 1. Permian and Western gulf ramped up a tad. More in this link below.

ECON Show: Rates Rise, Consumer Spending and Patterns, Europe's Electricity Crisis, and China's Geopolitical Moves

By Osama Rizvi; Energy and Economic Analyst at Primary Vision Network This week in ECON we cover a plethora of economic data such as rising rates, shifts in consumer spending patterns, and Europe’s electricity crisis along with an update on…

EIA Update: Oil Builds, Product Demand, Physical vs. Futures Market

By: Osama Rizvi; Energy and Economic Analyst at Primary Vision Network This week we cover oil builds continue as import increases, product demand remains strong, and physical vs future market. Segment 1: Oil Builds Continue as Imports Increases Segment 2:…

Oil Breaks $80 - What's Next?

By: Osama Rivi, Energy and Economic Analyst at Primary Vision Network The world seems to be grappling with an inflationary spiral. Bloomberg’s Commodity Index is at its highest since 2011. Natural gas prices have surges to record highs while copper…

Primary Vision Insights – October 6th, 2021

By Mark Rossano