Texas: What Went Wrong—And How Can We Prevent Other States From Suffering the Same Fate?

By Mark Rossano (Originally published Feb 19th, 2021) This article is not going to point fingers at who is to blame for Texas’s current situation—politicians will do enough of that for everyone. I want to dig into what caused the…

FSC: Seasonal Slowdown Begins

This week’s FSC came out at 271, which means a fall of 3. However, this is just the seasonal slowdown. Click below to read more about it.

ECON: Global Rates, Inflation, European Inflation and China's Economy

This week Mark talks about a string of topics including the latest numbers released by the U.S. and what do they mean, European inflation and cost acceleration, China’s weakness that seems to persist into the year, and last but not…


This week Mark talks about EIA data where he discusses the recent small crude draw, demand slows, and rise in OPEC+ exports. Segment 1: Small Crude Draw as Products Build Segment 2: Demand falls following the Thanksgiving Surge Segment 3:…

China: Friend or Foe?

By Mark Rossano (Originally Published Feb 12th, 2021) President Biden had his first call with China’s President Xi on Thursday, where many of the issues we’ve seen for the last decade were highlighted, including economic practices, human rights abuse, and…

Primary Vision Insights – December 1st 2021

By Mark Rossano

Omricon, Turkish Lira and Inflation

By Osama Rizvi I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyable holiday. However, it seemed that for the global economy there was no respite as news after news came in casting shadows over its long term and sustainable recovery….

Inflation is Everywhere

By Mark Rossano (Originally Published Feb 5th, 2021) We have constantly heard the narrative that inflation is low, and the Fed wants to maintain an “average” of 2% (meaning we can exceed the key level for an extended period of…

Primary Vision Insights – November 24th, 2021

By Mark Rossano

Why is the Stock Market a Circus?

By Mark Rossano (Original Published on Jan 28th, 2021) The most common term I have heard through out my career is- “It is different this time!” I can say with certainty that it isn’t different at all- actually it is…