Introducing: The Primary Vision National & Granular ReFrac Report

Refracturing treatments (“refracing”) has the potential to have major impacts for operators, oilfield service companies, and their suppliers. Initial evidence indicates refracing can reduce average cost per barrel of oil when used on top candidate wells. There is still a lot of experimentation and technology being developed in this space that will continue to improve returns, and provide a strong market for those companies with appropriate technologies.

This topic has been super hot lately.  Are operators seriously considering refracs?  What service companies are involved?  What basins have historically been refrac’ed?

Our National ReFrac Report is free and our Granular ReFrac Report is $99 per month (or $899 per year) via subscription here.

Included in our Granular Report:

Number of ReFrac’ed Wells by Quarter, Region, Orientation and Trajectory
ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Top 10 Operator (ALL and HZ wells separately)
ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Service Company (ALL and HZ wells separately)
Average Proppant Mass by Proppant Type (ALL and HZ wells separately)
ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Proppant Type (ALL and HZ wells separately)
Proppant Mass Comparison Between Original and Second Frac (ALL and HZ wells separately)
Heat maps for Re’Frac wells for each year
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We’ll dig deeper into the Eagle Ford Region ReFracs
Production Correlations
Predictive Analysis
& More