What’s happening at Primary Vision

originalby Matt Johnson

Primary Vision is growing and is looking at 2016 as a year of opportunity.  Here are a few things that have happened and are happening:

We contributed to an article on proppant in HZ fracs just awhile back with BloombergRead that here

We contributed to an end of year report on proppant usage with the Petroleum ConnectionRead that here

We’re speaking about refracs at the forthcoming SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference at February 9th to 11th in The Woodlands.
Are you going?  Email me and let’s meet: mjohnson@pvmic.com
More information can be found here

We’re about to release our January Granular and National ReFrac report, you can learn more about that here.

We have finished our most recent round of updating our frac chemical database and boy is it something.  We believe we have the most comprehensive data set on frac chemicals available today.    Interested in seeing a sample?
Contact us: info@pvmic.com

Don’t forget that we’re now going into our 6 month of the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count.  Some interesting things are taking place with our granular frac spread count product in different oil segments.  Don’t wait another minute if you’re in upstream, midstream or a financial institution, you need this data to compliment your research.

That just brings us through the next month!  Lots more ahead of that.

Stay positive folks we can only go up from here!


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