2014 – Q4 Shows 6% Increase In Frac Water Volume Over Previous Quarter. Feb 2015 Primary Vision US Frac Water Index Update

We saw a 6% increase in 2014 – Q4 over 2014 – Q3 in average frac water volumes. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues with recent oil price declines.

Here is the latest update to the Primary Vision US Frac Water Index. You will notice some slight differences from last time we published. We have updated our methodology to give a more accurate representation of average frac water volumes in the region.

Quarter    Index
2011-Q1    100.0
2011-Q2    97.3
2011-Q3    98.4
2011-Q4    93.1
2012-Q1    89.4
2012-Q2    89.5
2012-Q3    87.6
2012-Q4    96.2
2013-Q1    101.5
2013-Q2    103.4
2013-Q3    108.7
2013-Q4    117.1
2014-Q1    129.6
2014-Q2    140.1
2014-Q3    147.9
2014-Q4    156.4

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