Introducing The Primary Vision US Proppant Mass Index

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Primary Vision US Proppant Mass Index. This index will measure the average proppant mass used in a frac treatment in the United States across all wells.

2011 – Q1 100
2011 – Q2 99
2011 – Q3 100
2011 – Q4 98
2012 – Q1 91
2012 – Q2 89
2012 – Q3 93
2012 – Q4 102
2013 – Q1 103
2013 – Q2 106
2013 – Q3 108
2013 – Q4 117
2014 – Q1 131
2014 – Q2 145
2014 – Q3 158
2014 – Q4 172

Early data for 2015 – Q1 is showing an increase. We will see if that continues.

We can provide a similar index based on our user’s requirements. Example Analysis: horizontal wells only, vertical wells only, directional wells only, by operator, by service company, by region.

Please contact us for more information about these indexes, or if you have any questions about our capabilities, services, or products.

3 thoughts on Introducing The Primary Vision US Proppant Mass Index

  1. A per frac stage proppant mass index would be more appropriate, as you cannot compare a well that has a 1000 ft horizontal section with 6 frac stages with a well that has a 5000 ft horizontal section and 93 frac stages (the current world record)

  2. Even better if a list of actionable items was added companies might take when they see the index trending various directions…..recognizing the actions may be something different for the seller than the buyer or in some case allowing them to align. Clarity on the value this Proppant Trend brings (how and why) would be a great header.

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