Primary Vision Insights – November 17th, 2021

By Mark Rossano

Asymmetry of Carbon Emissions - We Need To Reframe the Problem

This article originally appeared in Osama’s Newsletter The debate around climate change and thereby carbon emissions is mainly framed in a way that presents human race as a collective entity that exploited the environment around it with impunity and without…

Special Report: Geopolitical Round Up and Food

Here at Primary Vision we have been talking about food prices and geopolitics quite often as both are deeply related. Recently, food prices are at multiple years high and as highlighted before, this usally is accompanied with riots and socio-political…

FSC: Seasonality Update and Belarus, Inflation

Last week’s FSC came up at 269. In last week’s FSC show we cover more than only the frac count. Click on the link below to watch.

ECON Show and Special Report: Supply Chains, Inflation, Wages, and Chinese Real Estate Problem

Last week Mark covered a lot in the ECON show from U.S. inflation rates to European ones, real estate problems in China to global supply chains and rates. We also have a Special Report: Geopolitical Round Up + Food.  Special…

EIA Update: Crude Builds, Demand Slows, Global Storage

Last week in our EIA update we covered crude oil builds, demand slow and global storage amidst shifting OSPs. Segment 1: Crude Builds as Product Draw Segment 2: Deman Slows, But Diesel Remains Strong Segment 3: Global Storage and Shifting…

Primary Vision Insights – November 10th, 2021

By Mark Rossano

Frac Spread Count - Rigs Up, Fracs Flat

This week’s FSC came out at 266, unchanged from the last week. In this show Mark gives a round up from the ECON and EIA show, and also some what happened with OPEC. 

Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

By Osama Rizvi for Primary Vision Christmas is around the corner but the global supply chain disruptions haven’t improved still and it looks like it will take a long time for this issue to be resolved, executives around the world…

Primary Vision Insights – November 3rd, 2021

By Mark Rossano