EIA Update: Hurricane impacts and China SPR

Last week in EIA show, Mark gives a detailed overview of our take on the recent Hurricane and its impact on oil markets. Segment 1: Hurricane Noise – Here is Our Take Segment 2: Hurricane Impacts on Products Segment 3:…

Primary Vision Insights – September 8th, 2021
FSC: Primary Vision Nails It Again

Frac Spreads’ significance can be seen by the following chart, it gets you as closer as possible to predicting production. Also, the number came out at :

THE ECON SHOW: Global Supply Chains Rattle, Consumer Pressure and Inflation Rising, Chinese Economy Contracts

In this week’s ECON show we cover different topics but all related to each other. From what’s going in the global supply chains to rising inflation in Europe and from persisting consumer pressures to recent contraction in Chinese economy.   By…


This week in our EIA we cover Hurricane Ida and its impact on oil markets and also what effect will OPEC+ production increases have moving forward.  By Osama Rizvi, Energy Analyst at PVN

Primary Vision Insights – September 1st, 2021

By Osama Rizvi, Energy Analyst at PVN.

Frac Spread Count - Permian Makes A Comeback
ECON Show: Global Change in Uprisings, Change in Wages, U.S. Real Estate, PPI Heading higher

This week in the ECON show we cover some very important topics such as rise in uprisings on a global level and what follows also in terms of global economy what’s going on in wages, fiscal support and PPI which…

EIA UPDATE: Draws in Crude, Demand to Slow and Global Market Stabilizes

This week in EIA Mark covers draws in crude, gasoline and if demand will slow down ? Also as U.S. exports slow global market stabilizes.