We are here with another interesting week full of details about global economy, oil markets and Frac Spread Count! Kicking the week off with our Pre-Game Show where Mark and David talks about SPACs, Retail Trading, Stimulus and infrastructure bill…

FSC and OPEC + Update - What Now After the Meeting?

The FSC increased by 25 taking the total number to 165. Also, KSA maintained the voluntary cuts and rolled over the other cuts for March. However, even after the voluntary cuts by KSA the exports have only declined by 38,000…

The ECON Show - Inflation, Employment and Much More

In this week’s ECON show we discuss the global economy in detail from different perspectives. Segment 1: The Economy – Global Fiscal Stimulus Increases As central banks all around the world continue to inject cash into the economy we focus…

EIA UPDATE: Builds set to Erase, Refined Products, U.S. Exports Face Headwinds

In this week’s EIA update, Mark Rossano, talks about the recent massive builds that are expected to ease going forward, the draws in refinery products will reverse and finally highlight the headwinds that U.S. exports face. Segment 1: Segment 2:…

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