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originalby Matt Johnson

Primary Vision is growing and is looking at 2016 as a year of opportunity.  Here are a few things that have happened and are happening:

We contributed to an article on proppant in HZ fracs just awhile back with BloombergRead that here

We contributed to an end of year report on proppant usage with the Petroleum ConnectionRead that here

We’re speaking about refracs at the forthcoming SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference at February 9th to 11th in The Woodlands.
Are you going?  Email me and let’s meet: mjohnson@pvmic.com
More information can be found here

We’re about to release our January Granular and National ReFrac report, you can learn more about that here.

We have finished our most recent round of updating our frac chemical database and boy is it something.  We believe we have the most comprehensive data set on frac chemicals available today.    Interested in seeing a sample?
Contact us: info@pvmic.com

Don’t forget that we’re now going into our 6 month of the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count.  Some interesting things are taking place with our granular frac spread count product in different oil segments.  Don’t wait another minute if you’re in upstream, midstream or a financial institution, you need this data to compliment your research.

That just brings us through the next month!  Lots more ahead of that.

Stay positive folks we can only go up from here!


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The Primary Vision US Proppant Mass Index

Back in February we launched our US Proppant Mass Index, if you didn’t see it you should check it out here. In brief, the index measures the average proppant mass used in a frac treatment across all US wells. When we published this last, we gave you information up to and including Quarter Four / 2014.

2011 – Q1 100
2011 – Q2 99
2011 – Q3 100
2011 – Q4 98
2012 – Q1 91
2012 – Q2 89
2012 – Q3 93
2012 – Q4 102
2013 – Q1 103
2013 – Q2 106
2013 – Q3 108
2013 – Q4 117
2014 – Q1 131
2014 – Q2 145
2014 – Q3 158
2014 – Q4 172
2015 – Q1 194
2015 – Q2 209
2015 – Q3 219

As we pointed out back in February, we were seeing an increase and its continued to increased quarter over quarter since.


We can provide a similar index based on our user’s requirements. Example Analysis: horizontal wells only, vertical wells only, directional wells only, by operator, by service company, by region or a combination of them all.

Please contact us for more information about these indexes, or if you have any questions about our capabilities, services, or products.

July ReFrac Report – Permian Basin Style

July Update

Primary Vision has been working hard to improve our ReFrac report offering.  We’ve added some additional charts for you focused on the Permian Basin, changed some charts that were hard to read, added a printable version, upgraded our delivery method from an attachment to a link, etc. etc.  A lot of changes that required a lot of testing and we’re not gonna stop there.  Look for us to add in additional analytics, chemicals and production before the end of the year.

side note: We’re also looking to add an account based system as well as additional reports (hint: Frac Fleet report)

In addition to our reports, we’re going to soon be adding production data, additional completions data and making our trek to the great white north (yes, Canada)!  All a part of the continued evolution of our comprehensive U.S. frac data products.

Survey Forthcoming

Some time this week we’re going to release a survey on our refrac report and a bit about what’s important to you frac data-wise.  Should be super easy, ten questions or less.  Thanks in advance!

Shameless Plugging

Still thinking about ordering our Granular ReFrac Report?  Get July’s instantly and be setup for August where we’ll focus on the Barnett and maybe one additional surprise. You’ll have to subscribe to find out!

How to Subscribe:

You can order here for just $99 (or jump on our soon to change yearly pricing of $899) that is packed with 30+ pages of information including…
Number of ReFrac’ed Wells by Quarter, Region, Orientation and Trajectory
Updated from June!
ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Top 10 Operator (ALL and HZ wells separately)
– Updated from June!

ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Service Company (ALL and HZ wells separately)
– Updated from June!

Average Proppant Mass by Proppant Type (ALL and HZ wells separately)
– Updated from June!

ReFrac’ed Wells by Year by Proppant Type (ALL and HZ wells separately)
– Updated from June!

Proppant Mass Comparison Between Original and Second Frac (ALL and HZ wells separately)
– Updated from June!
Heat maps for Re’Frac wells for each year
– Updated from June!
Additionally we drilled down into the Permian Basin in July, so additional slides focused on that region are included.

Summer is half way over, get outside!

Primary Vision Team

2014 – Q4 Shows 6% Increase In Frac Water Volume Over Previous Quarter. Feb 2015 Primary Vision US Frac Water Index Update

We saw a 6% increase in 2014 – Q4 over 2014 – Q3 in average frac water volumes. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues with recent oil price declines.

Here is the latest update to the Primary Vision US Frac Water Index. You will notice some slight differences from last time we published. We have updated our methodology to give a more accurate representation of average frac water volumes in the region.

Quarter    Index
2011-Q1    100.0
2011-Q2    97.3
2011-Q3    98.4
2011-Q4    93.1
2012-Q1    89.4
2012-Q2    89.5
2012-Q3    87.6
2012-Q4    96.2
2013-Q1    101.5
2013-Q2    103.4
2013-Q3    108.7
2013-Q4    117.1
2014-Q1    129.6
2014-Q2    140.1
2014-Q3    147.9
2014-Q4    156.4

Have questions about our methodology or about Primary Vision’s products and services? Reach out to us here: info@pvmic.com and one of our advisors will reach back to you.