Introducing the Primary Vision US Frac Water Volume Index

We are launching the Primary Vision Frac Water Index today to show on how the average amount of water used in a frac job has changed over time.

Quarter Index
2011-Q1 100.0
2011-Q2 99.7
2011-Q3 103.0
2011-Q4 95.6
2012-Q1 90.3
2012-Q2 92.6
2012-Q3 87.3
2012-Q4 94.9
2013-Q1 101.3
2013-Q2 100.1
2013-Q3 107.1
2013-Q4 116.6
2014-Q1 137.1
2014-Q2 145.8
2014-Q3 150.4

Going forward this index will be published once per quarter. Available to our subscribers are more detailed indexes broken down by trajectory, region, pressure pumper, and operator. If you are interested in these more detailed indexes please email us.

Please contact us for more information about these indexes, or if you have any questions about our capabilities, services, or products.