The ECON Show - Inflation, Employment and Much More

The ECON Show – Inflation, Employment and Much More

In this week’s ECON show we discuss the global economy in detail from different perspectives.

Segment 1: The Economy – Global Fiscal Stimulus Increases

As central banks all around the world continue to inject cash into the economy we focus on the increase in global fiscal stimulus here and what it means for you as an individual and company

Segment 2: The Economy – Inflation Driving Yields

Inflation, as discussed in our previous blogs, is back in the news. Here at PVN, we have been pointing towards the fact well before other media outlets started doing so. Watch this segment to get more of the interesting details.

Segment 3: The Economy – Employment Remains Weak

Despite all the talks of a global economic recovery, in this segment, we show how employment remains weak creating problems for the common man.

Segment 4: The Economy – European Inflation Rising

Rise in inflation isn’t only confine to the U.S., as the global fiscal stimulus has continued to increase, inflation has started to raise its ugly head globally as well. Europe is no exception. We discuss in detail about it here.

Segment 5: The Economy – What to Expect From Chinese Congress

We always try to focus on China given the size of its economy and the impact it has on global economy. Click below to watch what’s unfolding in the Chinese political drama lately.